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Broadcast Matrix LLC provides affordable hosting solutions for broadcasters including AM and FM radio stations, internet broadcasters, podcasters, music artists, college radio stations, ministries, businesses and independent content creators.


We built our business by simplifying high quality technology, making it reliable and affordable and focusing on friendly personal service. Our associate consulting team has helped many broadcasters with everything from station startups and turnarounds to programming, production, talent development and more.  

Jim LaMarca is a national media consultant and was COO/EVP Jones Radio Networks which was one of the largest radio syndication companies in America serving over 5000 radio stations.   He was also Program Director at XTRA-AM where he worked with Wolfman Jack helping him to achieve some of the Wolfman’s biggest ratings of his career

Walter Powers is a specialist in broadcast automation, operations and support. He was operations director for Bonneville Broadcasting and brings decades of experience in radio operations and nationally syndicated programming.

Ken Moultrie is a national broadcast consultant who was program director for Broadcast Programming.  Ken also was involved in the launch and development of several successful syndicated radio programs including Lia, Alan Kabel, Bill Cody’s Classic Country Weekend and many others


Broadcast Matrix hosting servers are located in diversified world class data centers with 
premium connectivity resulting in superb uptime, extraordinarily high performance and unparalleled reliability.

Now you can creatively reach your audience on the web in many new ways through platforms like Apple Car Play and Google Dash,  iOS and Android devices, smart speakers, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Roku, Tune-In radio and thousands more. 

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