Many Ways to Use Our Services

Your Station

AM and FM radio stations have used our services for years to simulcast their programming on the Internet.  Many of our clients also include community online radio stations, businesses and Internet broadcasters of all sizes worldwide.  If you want to start an Internet radio station check out some of the links below to see how we can help you do it professionally and affordably.   Call 1-800-727-9815 toll free or click here to contact us with questions or to learn more about how we can help.

Music and Talk Radio

Start an Internet radio station to play music or talk programming.  We provide the tools – you provide the programming.  Broadcast music, talk, politics, science, religion, sports, health, food, self-help, technology or just about any content that you want.  Host your own radio show or create a 24/7 automated radio station to reach your community or the world.  Contact us for more details.

Sports Radio

Do you want to broadcast sports events live? All you need is a laptop, our streaming software and a solid Internet connection. You can also start your own Internet radio station and program game replays and other related sports programming 24/7, without any additional hardware. Contact us for more details. Contact us for more details.

Educational Radio

Use our streaming services for your school radio station. Create a motivation station for your sales and marketing teams around the world. Communicate and train employees with our on-demand audio and video services. You can also password protect our player systems if you don’t want your material public. Contact us for more details.

Faith Based Radio

Now you can reach the world with your message.  Start an Internet Radio Station and stream your church services, sermons live or create an automated Internet radio station with music and teaching to reach your community and the world in creative new ways.  Contact us for more details.

Business Radio

Expand your brand with an Internet radio station for your business. Increase the versatility and impact of your business.  Start an Internet radio station for your own brand.   Contact us with any questions or to learn more.

Campus Radio

College radio stations and high schools using online radio provide hands on broadcast experience for students while serving local communities.  Start an Internet radio station to promote your school, broadcast sports, debates, music and more.   Contact us for more details.

Community Radio

Start an Internet radio station for your community.   Broadcast local news, political meetings, sports, music and more. Use our audio/video pre-rolls and rotating banner ads to sell local advertising and create revenue.  Contact us with any questions or to learn more.

Fully Responsive and Customizable HTML5 Players

High Quality Streaming – Simple and Affordable

If you have a computer and an Internet connection you’re 90% there.  We have made it simple and affordable to broadcast online with your own Internet radio station. You decide on the content you want to program. Host your own talk show, program a music radio station or create something completely new and original to broadcast worldwide.
We provide the technology to power your Internet radio station. We can help you set up a simple, low cost radio station easily with just a laptop and an Internet connection. We also power professional AM/FM radio station and broadcast network streams. Our plans and pricing are scalable allowing us to serve clients of all sizes and budgets. Your station can be automated, live, or a combination of both.
There is nothing to stop you from reaching millions worldwide. You are not restricted to the limitations of a radio signal with Internet radio.  Use our integrated marketing tools like audio or video pre-rolls and and rotating banner ads to promote and create ad revenue from your station.

Start an Internet Radio Station

We’ll be happy answer your questions, suggest the best options for your specific needs and provide a quote with absolutely no pressure or obligation. Call us toll free at 1-800-727-9815 or click here.  You can also call our Seattle offices direct at 206-774-9196.

Check out our streaming services overview below. We make it easy to manage your station with simple web based control panels.  Access your streaming server, real time listener statistics, colorful data graphs, Google maps of listener locations, widgets for your website, HTML5 players, music reports and much more from anywhere.  For more technical details check out our FAQ or contact us.

 Live Streaming
Broadcast your content from anywhere live. Live radio streaming is just like it sounds, what goes into your computer broadcasts worldwide on our universal HTML5 players, Apple and Android apps, Tune-In apps and more – everything becomes a radio tuned to one station…yours.
 Automated Streaming
Sometimes you may want to put your station in auto-pilot so you can focus on other things. We provide automation software that allows you to switch between live or automated programming anytime.  Just like our live streaming everything becomes a radio.
 Cloud Streaming
The cloud is just another name for the Internet. In the same way live and automated streaming broadcasts from your computer, Cloud streaming allows you to upload your content and manage everything from the cloud. No need for a dedicated computer, connection or automation software.
 On Demand
On Demand streaming adds instant playback of content to your website at the touch of a button. Upload and manage audio or video content,  pre-rolls, banner ads and more from our very easy to use drag and drop web dashboard.