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At Broadcast Matrix we have been providing professional radio stream hosting and broadcast consulting services for clients of all sizes around the world since 2007. We power Internet broadcasting for AM and FM radio stations, broadcast networks, businesses, communities, schools, churches, musicians, organizations and more.

We are also broadcasters with decades of experience in terrestrial and online broadcasting, radio station ownership, management, programming, production, talent development, marketing, broadcast engineering and national radio syndication. Our consulting group helps clients develop strategies and solutions in these areas and more.

The Broadcast Matrix server network is geo-diverse at world class IBM data centers using multi-homed bandwidth providers including Level 3, Equinix, AT&T and others. That means our clients and their listeners enjoy premium bandwidth with superb uptime, extraordinarily high performance and unparalleled reliability.

Our customizable, fully responsive HTML5 players look great and work on all major browsers and devices natively. That means your listeners don’t have to mess around with downloading plug-ins, Flash or special software to listen. We also have branded radio apps available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

We have made all the technology easy and fun to use and we are here personally to help you each step of the way. For more information click here or call 1-800-727-9815 toll free.

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