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1. Your Content

It all starts with your content. Reliable, high performing radio stream hosting ensures that your content reaches your listeners.

Home Broadcast Matrix

2. Our Servers

Large and small broadcasters from around the world have relied on us for world class radio stream hosting and superior service since 2008.

Home Broadcast Matrix

3. Your Listeners

Use our radio stream hosting services to reach your listeners at work, at home or on the go through millions of online devices around the world.

Start an internet radio station

AM & FM Stations

If you own an AM or FM radio station and are looking for a new radio stream hosting provider you have come to the right place. Call for a quote toll free 1-800-727-9815.

Music and Talk

Start an internet radio station using our radio stream hosting services and program it with your choice of talk or music programming.

Sports Radio

Broadcast with your laptop, ipad or smartphone from sports events or from your studio. For instance, stream live, on-demand or automate your programming.

College Radio

Many college radio stations depend on Broadcast Matrix for their Internet radio hosting. If you have a college radio station or plan to start one we can help.


Start an internet radio station to reach the world with your message. Stream sermons live, on-demand, or automated using free third party automation software.


If you are a musician or in a band, start an Internet radio station to market your songs online. Grow your fan base, keep them coming back for more.


We can help you create a custom branded Internet radio station to expand your business brand. Reach new customers and keep existing customers coming back.

Community Radio

Serve your community with local radio programming. In a day where everything is syndicated it is more important than ever for communities to have true local content.

Everything Becomes a Radio

Home Broadcast Matrix

Start an Internet Radio Station

The Internet of Everything (IOE) has become a term associated with the millions of devices that are connected to the internet.  Many of these like iOS and Android Phones, Alexa, Google Home, Roku, Apple TV, Apple CarPlay and many more are able to play media content.  Millions of devices can become potential radios for your content.

Home Broadcast Matrix

Content Creation

You can use popular software like Station Playlist, SAM Broadcaster and others to automate your content or you can easily manage it in the cloud.

Home Broadcast Matrix

Players and Widgets

Choose from a variety of players and widgets or a customizable HTML5 responsive player with options for audio or video pre roll or banner ads.

Home Broadcast Matrix

Personal Support

There is a good reason why most of our original clients that started when we launched in 2008 are still with us. Superb personal service and support.


Do you have something to say or play? Now you have a way.

Home Broadcast Matrix
Home Broadcast Matrix

Rocket Science

Our philosophy is that internet radio should not be rocket science, if so, something is wrong. Our technology is elegant, simple and affordable.

Home Broadcast Matrix

Geek Stuff

Our servers are at world class, level three data centers with a 99.9% uptime record for over a decade. Shoutcast, Icecast,
C-Panel web hosting and more available.

Home Broadcast Matrix

Why Us

We have many years of experience in major market AM/FM broadcasting, satellite radio, nationally syndicated programming and Internet broadcasting.


Many internet radio hosting services promise things like “unlimited” bandwidth, storage, content licensing
and more for free or cheap.  In reality there is no such thing as unlimited anything otherwise huge companies like
Apple or Google could use those cheap or free companies to save millions.  We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and budget and then customize the perfect plan and quote for you with absolutely no obligation.  

Home Broadcast Matrix

Our team of creative and highly talented development partners can create amazing Apple iOS, Android apps, Alexa skills and beautiful custom websites for you. 
Call us toll free at 1-800-727-9815 with no obligation to learn more.

Happiness Guarantee

It’s simple, if for any reason you are not completely thrilled with our stream hosting services within the first thirty days we’ll cheerfully refund your money in full.   

Ask Questions - Get a quote - No obligation